A liberal & inclusive church, seeking God through beauty in our worship, honesty in our faith & doubt, & service in our community

Our monthly prayer cycle provides a focus for the prayers of the Christ Church community, both in private and at services. Please use them as suits you best to help you pray for people from within the church and in the wider community - locally, nationally and internationally.

January 2023 Prayer Cycle

Sunday January 1 For our bell-ringing team
Monday January 2 For scientists and engineers
Tuesday January 3 For those who live or work in care homes
Wednesday January 4 For our Local Ministry Group partners
Thursday January 5 We give thanks for beauty in the world around us
Friday January 6 For all who face tragedy
Saturday January 7 For peace
Sunday January 8 For Mark, David, Will and the choir
Monday January 9 For our armed forces and police
Tuesday January 10 For our own personal witness
Wednesday January 11 For Julian House
Thursday January 12 For all in hospital
Friday January 13 For the homeless
Saturday January 14 We give thanks for artists, poets and musicians
Sunday January 15 For Lore and Colin
Monday January 16 For Bible scholars and theologians
Tuesday January 17 For those who mourn
Wednesday January 18 For our charity of the month, Burlington House
Thursday January 19 For our Pilgrim Group
Friday January 20 For those who are persecuted for their faith
Saturday January 21 For Christian unity
Sunday January 22 For our Diocese of Bath and Wells
Monday January 23 For architects and designers
Tuesday January 24 For those on our long-term prayer list
Wednesday January 25 For our Church Council
Thursday January 26 That we may be peacemakers
Friday January 27 For those who have been forced to flee their homes
Saturday January 28 For those who have been baptised, confirmed or married at Christ Chuch
Sunday January 29 For our servers and others who assist at the altar
Monday January 30 For those who work in local government
Tuesday January 31 We give thanks for the freedoms we enjoy

Upcoming Services

Eucharist (in church & online)
Sun 29 Jan at 10:00am
Candlemas Service of Light
Sun 29 Jan at 6:30pm
Eucharist (in church)
Thu 2 Feb at 11:00am
Eucharist (in church & online)
Sun 5 Feb at 10:00am
Eucharist (in church)
Thu 9 Feb at 11:00am
BCP Communion
Sun 12 Feb at 8:00am
Eucharist (in church & online)
Sun 12 Feb at 10:00am
Eucharist (in church)
Thu 16 Feb at 11:00am
Eucharist (in church & online)
Sun 19 Feb at 10:00am
Choral Evensong
Sun 19 Feb at 4:30pm
Eucharist (in church)
Thu 23 Feb at 11:00am
Eucharist (in church & online)
Sun 26 Feb at 10:00am
Contemplative Iona Service
Sun 26 Feb at 5:00pm
Eucharist (in church)
Thu 2 Mar at 11:00am

Latest Events

The Cedar Tree Community Cafe
Fri 3 Feb 11:00am-1:30pm
Toppings - Michael Rosen
Mon 6 Feb 7:00pm-9:30pm
Pilgrim Group
Thu 9 Feb 7:30pm-9:00pm
The Cedar Tree Community Cafe
Fri 10 Feb 11:00am-1:30pm
Margeret Heath - memorial service
Sat 11 Feb 2:00pm-4:00pm